Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who'll be Alberta premier?

As Alberta PC members vote in the final round advance polls this week and in the final vote on Saturday October 1st, there are rumours that 2nd place finisher, Alison Redford has some momentum over Gary Mar.  Gary's campaign has radio ads out with general platitude statements, while Doug Horner's keep calling me and for the first time I think I've ever seen, political lawn signs out for a leadership race.

Today, Gary Mar said he's got a four month action plan once he becomes premier.  That means the election won't be until around March 2012.  But part of this action plan isn't about governing, it's about getting his party in order with nominating candidates and election planning.

But wait a sec, if he's not sitting in the legislature until he is an elected MLA, who's the actual premier?  Is that Ed Stelmach still, or someone else?  Am I missing something here?  Will this premier then simply follow Gary's "action plan"?

Albertans deserve to know.


maryT said...

In our poll, which went for Morton last time, only 54 turned out to vote, and at least 10 of those bought a membership that day. Mar did not get on vote out of 54.
Will be interesting to see what happens Saturday.
Both Mar and Morton have called but I hang up on them both.
Still deciding who I will vote for #2, my favorite to have them come up the middle or should I vote that person #1. However, Mar will not be one of my choices.
Why will I vote for a #2, so someone can't mark it for me.
Will vote WRA in the election.

Anonymous said...

PCs are dead. Wildrose will form the next government.

Joe said...

I've been doing a bit of traveling throughout Alberta and whenever I am in a restaurant I eavesdrop on the people around me. I am surprised how many are talking politics and how many are disgusted with the PCs. If my coffee shop poll is right it won't matter who wins the leadership they won't win the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

I recieved three phone calls in one night. Alison Redford & Gary Mar.

Wow, do these people have egos. Both were pre-recorded calls.
Do they think that, as a voter I have nothing to do but sit with chin cradelled in hy hands like a love sick school girl waiting to hear their voice? Then once I recieve such a call I will sit and listen to four minutes of silly, empty political platitudes that I have heard a 1000 times before?

Then Neil Brown, my MLA called (in person). Right off I'll tell you I don't like Mr. Brown. I think he is phoney & condescending. But now all of a sudden he's interested in little-old-me. I struggled to be polite over the phone but given the hesitation in his speaking I think he was sensing the anger & hostility in my voice.

I voted for Morton but that guy stabbed his supporters in the back & crossed over to Mar.

I'm voting WR in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Mar can be premier without a seat. He is the leader of the majority party but he would not be an MLA or be able to vote. If he does not immediately call a general election then some MLA will resign so Mar can run in a bi-election. That MLA will be rewarded with some shiny patronage. Like a judicial appointment or something permanent like that.

I'm voting for Danielle Smith so bring on the election.