Monday, February 27, 2012

I'll say it again.. McGuinty's an idiot

So Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has rejected calls to defend the Alberta oil sands, saying the higher Canadian dollar has "knocked the wind" out of Ontario's manufacturing sector.

Hogwash.  Utter hogwash.

The American dollar is weak and would be weaker if the Euro wasn't as equally weak.  Canada's economy is stronger and more stable due to smart federal fiscal policy. 

So essentially, by not defending one of the key Canadian resource exports, you're wanting oil sands development to decline.

If that happened, where oh where, dear have-not province led by a failed fiscal manager, where oh where would all that federal money come from that you so want to balance your crappy books with?

Would it be from the billions of dollars that come out of the Alberta oil sands in federal transfers?

Oh sorry, that money already goes to Quebec.  Get in line, Dalton!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alberta cannot afford Redford

She's going to raise taxes rather than cut wasteful spending in her own gov't. That's what a "review" is. Which taxes?-- Income, corporate and she'll reintroduce healthcare premiums which hurt lower income folks the most, right at a time when Alberta's economy and unemployment rate is tops. We have a job shortage and by raising corporate taxes, the only jobs saved will be gov't ones.

Premier Mom thinks people who work hard and long hours that make over $200k should pay a higher rate when that is the opposite reason why so many folks flock here to find good work.

We should look no further than Ontario and BC to witness the economic stagnation resulting from high taxes, yet that appears to be the model which Mom wishes to emulate.

She should look at our immediate neighbours East, who used to lag behind.

At her rate, Rider Nation will be stealing jobs and investment from us.

When former premier Ed Stemlach raised royalty rates and booze taxes, at least he realized how dumb that was and repelled them both, along with eliminating Health Care Premiums.

You'd think his successor and party would have learned something.

When Don Getty did the same, including raise spending, Klein had to undo all of those policies and put Alberta on the map of world fiscal envy.

With current gov't spending at a record rate, that envy will soon be gone.

This "anything but conservative" party is so entrenched into the gov't, they've proven that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Fifty examples of illegal donations from school boards, municipalities, and other public groups have surfaced.

It is time to throw the bums out.

40 years is enough.

Monday, February 06, 2012

God Save The Queen!

To celebrate Her Majesty's 60th Diamond Jubilee, today I am flying to one of her little islands in the British West Indies. I'm on holidays for 2 weeks in Turks and Caicos, a British Overseas Territory, where 2 years ago, after dismissing the local gov't for theft and corruption and appointing an interim governor, I believe the British will be allowing the Islanders to hold elections. Proof why the British Monarchy system works.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Aren't you sick of the Alberta PCs yet?

Redford's PCs spent $70,000 of taxpayer money on a caucus retreat to Jasper Park Lodge.  A $100,000 province-wide tour campaign.  Fifty illegal donations to the PCAA. 

The election is supposedly coming.  When is that again?  Oh, right. We don't know.

40 years is enough.