Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doug Griffiths now at the teet

Last place candidate Doug Griffiths, who last week questioned the integrity of the Mar campaign buying memberships and selling them at advanced polls, is now right at his teet.

Yep, sounds like all these folks are lining up for cabinet posts and plum jobs.

I now won't be voting on Oct. 1 on the final ballot.  There's no one to vote for in this lame party and it's obvious who'll win.  Or I might go and write Danielle Smith on the ballot.  It's not illegal to destroy or defame a party ballot as far as I know.

Anyone know if anything's happening to anyone who released the list to the media and to Environics polling?  My guess is nothing will happen.  And with that, I will also be requesting the PC party take my name off their lists and I will be ripping up my membership, maybe right after I put the ballot in the box.

So long Regressive Wrongservative party.


maryT said...

Better yet, put the torn card in the ballot box. Mar does not have a seat so when will he call an election. Is there any mla who would resign for him.
Just got a pamphlet in the mail re the reclaimation act. That is what killed Morton.

Blame Crash said...

I want Mar to win because I think that he's the most beatable one of those corrupt clowns..
I'd also like to see a MLA resign his seat for him because you just know how well he'll be "rewarded" with our money for doing so. It would be an excellent example of what these PC clowns are all about and it'll set the stage and tone for a very interesting by-election.
My money is on him losing.

maryT said...

How long was Turner PM, or Kim. I hope Mar breaks those records in a very short time. I don't think Morton can convince his voters to support Mar. What if a majority of the voters for the losers don't show up on Oct 1st.