Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gary Mar and integrity

Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason has rightfully questioned leading PC leadership candidate Gary Mar's ethics in receiving a hefty severance package a year after he became the Alberta envoy to Washington, DC.

- While health minister, he paid an aide $374,000 between 2001 and 2004 yet no evidence of services were actually provided

- His envoy salary was $264,000, then deferred his severance package, but for only a year where he received $478,000. 

- And recently, his campaign was buying memberships.  While not against party rules, it surely draws into question his tactics and optics.

Gary Mar says we should instead focus on the future.  I couldn't agree more.  You and your ethics are about to be that future, Mr. Mar, and we have every right to question your past.  Don't think you can deflect and hide.

Is this the kind of premier you want?


maryT said...

Got a call from the Mar campaign and hung up on him.

Anonymous said...

That he could govern our province is a scary prospect. So curious that the media didn't cover these well-known, juicy tidbits until recently... The media should be all over this, but buried it. More than curious... Suspect. But if Mar and his campaign teaches us anything, it's that everything is for sale. I sincerely hope Albertans can see through his contrived and manipulative campaign...