Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morton and Orman campaign managers leave with "bad taste" and "just about puked"

Ted Morton and Rick Orman's campaign managers are not too happy about their former bosses supporting Gary Mar.

“All I’ve got is a very, very bad taste in my mouth about everything,” said Sam Armstrong, Morton’s campaign manager and longtime adviser.

In a stinging criticism of Alberta’s former envoy in Washington, Armstrong said Mar becoming premier will not bring “renewal” to the party. He said some of the advisers working for Mar have been entrenched in the top levels of Alberta politics for far too long.

“It’s the same old, old boys’ club around Gary that’s been there forever,” Armstrong said. “If this party is going to prosper and renew, and go anywhere in the next decade, that group of people needed to be pushed out.”

Also on Tuesday, the man who ran Orman’s campaign said he was shocked the day before when he learned his candidate had given his support to the former health minister.

“I found out about it at 4:23 yesterday afternoon on Twitter, right before a press conference in which I saw my boss get off the bus with Gary and Ted, and I just about puked,” Patrick Walsh said. “I know politics makes strange bedfellows but that’s the weirdest threesome I’ve even seen.”
No kidding eh?  "Same old, old boys' club." Yep, how anyone can vote for this party is truly beyond me now, unless perhaps you're somehow on the take.

And you wonder why Ted Morton didn't even come close to winning?
“The minute you get into politics and you’re the member of a party, you begin to compromise your principles because you’re part of a team,” he said.

Good ol' Ted.  Compromise for power.

Let's vote 'em out people!


maryT said...

Ted wants to keep his cabinet post. I for one will not vote Mar on Oct 1st. Ted lost 20,000 votes from the last time to last week. Where did they go. And look for a lot of the 6000 he did get to go against Mar. Hopefully all those who said there would not be a first ballot win, and will vote in the second really get out there to do it.
As Mar has no seat he will call an election and could be the shortest serving premier in history. Go, WRA

hunter said...

This is the best thing that Wildrose could have ever hoped for, a liberal that turns Conservatives stomachs becoming the new Premier. It will be a short ride for Mar.

Frances said...

There are automated phone polls coming around asking about voter choice in a provincial election. Wonder who has commissioned them?