Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The insenaty has already begun! Hahaha!

With Harper supporting Layton's motion to have a referendum on abolishing the senate, I predicted there will be "insenaty". I'd like to add to the definition of that word I made yesterday and mention not just the Liberal politicians, but all the naysayers like constitutional "experts" (probably Liberals) and libloggers who dismiss any tinkering with the upper chamber.

A constitutional lawyer:

Errol Mendes, a constitutional law professor at the University of Ottawa, told CTV News that Layton and Harper "know this will not get through the Senate."

"So, again they want to use the Senate as a stick to beat the Liberals with in the election."

A liblogger, one of my daily reads, Mr. Calgary Grit:
As for me...meh. I think there's something to be said for having the Senate as a check on the House and they do a lot of good committee work, adding needed amendments to more bills than people realize. It's abundantly clear that the current system is deeply flawed but I think an elected Senate would be far worse. Once you elect Senators, you're giving the institution legitimacy and inviting activist decisions which opens up a whole can of worms, especially if you have unfair regional representation.

So, yeah, it's kind of a non starter for me. But for all of you out there who love talking Senate reform, go nuts!
Well Dan (aka Calgary Grit), I will go nuts, in fact we've been going nuts ("insenaty"?) over this issue since confederation. The ideal situation would obviously be a triple-e senate with equal representation--that's the whole idea! The senate has a terrible and embarrassing history of low attendance, patronage, and waste. An elected senate is a step in the right direction because it also HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Get it?

We should "give the institution legitimacy" because THEY are supposed represent US. WE pay THEIR salary and expenses through OUR taxes.

Stephen Harper is showing real leadership to move this issue to the forefront and try and get something done about it. And for that, I applaud him.

And perhaps by abolishing it, we can start from scratch and build a new one if the will is there.

Or are you Liberals afraid of giving up your power instead of doing what's should have been right for Canada since 1867? Being that the Liberal party hasn't done anything about it, it's proven that all it's interested in is power and lip-service.

That's what I call ... you guessed it ... "insenity".

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