Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Never say never...

Yeah, I know, you've read my blog over the last few days and note that while I'm disgusted by the appointments, I end up defending them. It took some soul searching and deep thought.

But what happened will never change my mind about how screwed up our political system is and how much reform it needs.

Am I glad the Liberals lost a strong MP and the Conservatives gained one? Of course.

Am I a bit upset that some long-time MPs got shut out of a cabinet post while a card carrying Liberal gets one? Yep, but I'll get over it --they'll get spots in the next majority gov't.

Do I think Belinda crossed the floor only for gaining more power and no other reason? Oh yes.

Do I think Emerson crossed the floor for the same reason? No. I honestly believe he was only looking out for the best needs of his constituents, his province, and his country. He wasn't finished his work and he's stated emphatically he has no leadership ambitions, unlike Belinda.

Would I prefer elected Senators? Oh yes, definitely.

Do I care if we need cabinet representation from every part of the country? Hell, no.

But again, if we had a Triple E Senate and free votes, none of this would matter.

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