Thursday, December 14, 2006

One "E" leads to another

This news is the best news I've heard ever. Our gutsy Prime Minister has found a way to have us voters elect Senators without opening the constitution (which I know he really wants to do, but not yet). One E down, two to go.

"Imagine that, after a century and a half, democracy will finally come to
the Senate of Canada."

"I have a warning for the Liberals. A democratically elected and genuinely accountable Senate may not serve the Liberal party, but it will serve the Canadian people, and their interests come first to the Conservative party," Harper said.

No kidding. And I especially love this type of support from our new guy...

Alberta Premier designate Ed Stelmach isn't one of those Albertans that agrees
with Dion.

"I believe what Prime Minister Harper is doing is opening up consultation in terms of how to bring about Senate reform and we're going to work with him," Stelmach said in Edmonton. "We have been supportive of Senate reform for many, many years and will continue to do so. I'm awaiting the details of his proposals."

What I especially like is Dion and Sask premier Lorne Calvert are even opening up to the second E, regarding having equal representation, which is most favourite issue and one that will truly solve a lot of this country's unity problems. They obviously now recognize this is the path to go, toward a Triple-E Senate, but they're still too chicken.

Earlier this year, when Mr. Harper went before the Senate and gave them a warning, I said that the Liberals wouldn't want to debate it. Well, why is that? Is it because they've held the majority in the Senate for over a decade? They can't lose their grip and give it to the people, can they?

What's ironic is that Canadians forget that our fair country was created primarily because the fathers of confederation agreed to have appointed senators, although many wanted an elected one. They thought they'd get around to it later on, but creating the country was the priority.

I bet Harper has been planning this for years. Seriously. He's executed this plan perfectly. He put forth an easy-to-digest platform and has actually delivered on those campaign promises, unlike the Liberals. They've never delivered.

The Accountability Act finally passed this week, spent 9 months in the Liberal dominated Senate. Many amendments were made by Liberals to water it down, to ensure they still have a grip on power. The main reason they lost last election was due to Canadians being fed up with Liberal corruption. How can the Liberals NOT pass it? They're going to look like fools.... again. All part of the plan.

Oh, and you're going to hear a lot of so-called constitutional liberal "academics" play down Harper's plan for Senate reform. Don't listen to them. You're a Canadian voter and a taxpayer and you should decide who represents you in government and how they spend your money.

In next budget, likely February, look for the Conservatives to propose middle-class tax cuts , which the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc will defeat to spring an election. Bring it on!

The Conservatives will win because only they understand and appeal to the middle class voter and their daily lives. The Liberals and NDP are so out of touch with average Canadian families.

The need for accountability and senate reform will become the keystone in the election because all Harper has to say is that the Liberals have been blocking legislation that would directly benefit average families.

And so it appears this upcoming election will be another chapter, perhaps the final one, in the Liberal adscam story.

In less than a year, and in a minority, the Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper have been dismantling the Liberal grip on this country.

The next election will finally chop off their gritty little hands.

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