Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not so bright of an Idea

An organization which owns its own building and then discusses light bulbs at their meetings are mired in minutia and the mundane.

The recent leak by Baird and Co. at the enivronment mini-is-tree which wants manufacturers to stop producing the regular light bulbs is not a bright idea.

Did the government apply the same limit before everyone started buying the more expensive flat panel plasma or digital TVs and monitors over cheaper yet bulkier CRT displays? No.

So what happened?

Basic market forces. If Canadians are so environmentally concerned, wouldn't they start buying the new coily lights on their own?

Pinkos confuse me

So let me get this straight.

The Liberals recently brought forth a motion to have Canadian troops pull out of Afghanistan by 2009 (the NDP want us out NOW), which would leave the Taliban to continue their fascist regime and terrorize the population by stripping their human rights away (especially from women), yet they lambast Defense Minister, Gordon O'Connor, due to alleged knowledge of prisoner abuse by Afghanis?

While pinkos (eg. Liberals, NDP, and Bloc) have been asking Western governments to do "something" about the massacre in Darfur, Sudan (what, they don't really say), they want us to pull out of Afghanistan and leave the women and children to further abuse.

I don't get it? Do they expect these situations to be all roses, sunshine, and hackysacks when we go in? Don't they realize it takes time to secure an area before you can build infrastructure like housing, schools, hospitals, and markets?

What utopian dreamland do they think this is? "Hello Mr. Terrorist, I love you, will you be my friend?"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wanna buy the letter "E"?


I got this excellent news from the Prime Minister's emailer:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that in keeping with the principles of Bill C-43, the proposed law that would enable Canadians to vote
for Senators, Canada’s New Government intends to appoint Alberta
Senator-in-waiting Bert Brown to replace retiring Alberta Senator Dan Hays."

Now if the Liberal Senators will "hurry up their detailed analysis" we can get on with it already. Do continue to watch the Liberals stall but say "committed to Senate reform". Yeah, they'll be committed alright... right up until they have to retire from the Senate at the age of 75.

You know it amazes that many still push for some sort of proportional representation in the House of Commons when we're still trying to get democracy in the Upper House. Oh, that and usually it's from small parties that specialize in a few issues but don't have enough national interest.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't Squeeze the NDP!

A few notes about the Red Green Dion/May deal in Central Nova:

  • NDP support there is likely soft, so some votes will move from them to the Greens
  • Just because Dion endorses May, not all Liberal voters there are impressed by this deal and Liberal votes will distribute evenly to the Greens, NDP, and Conservatives, splitting the left
  • Peter Mackay wins with an even a larger margin
  • I'd assume many Liberals are upset by Dion taking the party too far to the left trying to grab NDP votes, so Dion tries to go on about the Conservatives being anti-business.
  • How can Dion call Harper a right-wing neo-conservative one week then call him anti-corporate the next is a bit confusing, no?

Essentially, each party has become what their leader is:

  • The Liberals have become the party of the affluent academics who have an opinion on everything but offer no concrete, realistic solutions, nor can we understand what they're really trying to say due to the many contradictions
  • The NDP are no longer the party of the environment, losing that issue to the Greens
  • It's still not easy being Green
  • The Bloc are losing out to soft-nationalists who have turned to the ADQ and Conservatives for new hope. They're sick of being bribed and being in a state of dependency where their leaders were always asking for more and more, but saw that the province was not really going anywhere.
  • The Conservatives are the party of middle class families and the military--the silent majority.

And a side question for the bleeding heart anti-war pinkos out there... Why do you want somebody to do something about Darfur but pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Former Conservative Party leadership hopeful, floorcrosser, Liberal government minister, potential Liberal leadership candidate, and MP for Newmarket-Aurora, the Honourable Belinda Stronach has decided to go back to Magna and will not run in the next election.

I'd like to thank the MP for bringing some much needed and exciting soap-opera drama to Canadian politics. It sure was entertaining.

Methinks her father decided for her to do so because with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister for many years, like the Conservative leadership race, she wouldn't have a hope in hell in ever becoming Prime Minister, especially with the Liberals blumbering as they are now under Dion.

I bet Peter Mackay "howled" when he heard the news. Wonder if he'll change his tie?

h/t Alberta Ardvark

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Liberal Icebergs

Maybe the Liberals do wish the icebergs were melting, that way, the RCMP wouldn't get below the tip. As I said the other day, the sponsorship scandal investigation is far from over, folks... And so is the Liberals continued descent into the great shit-abyss.

The police probe into the sponsorship scandal is focusing increasingly on the shadowy world of political organizers who siphoned federal funds from advertising firms on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada, sources said yesterday.

In police parlance, the probes are now looking into the "network of corruption" involving Liberal fundraisers and organizers who were continuously asking advertising firms for kickbacks.

Rick Mercer's Photo Challenge

Sent to Rick Mercer's photo challenge contest...

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has always reminded me of Lou Costello.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Third Way

Do you think in Quebec, with the recent 3rd place finish for the PQ, the dramatic rise of the non-separatist/non-federalist/pro-automony/3rd way ADQ, that this situation obviously shows that Quebeckers don't necessarily want to leave Quebec, but they don't want federal intrusion so much. Hmmm, same sentiment in BC and Alberta I'd say.

What this also indicates is that everyone is sick of the see-saw debate between separatism and centralism. Sick of it I tells ya!

But it also exposes that the Liberals, a la Trudeau, have NEEDED the separatists to legitimize their idea of a centralist federal government for many years and the separatists NEEDED the arrogant Liberals to battle against hard federalism.

Many of us have known this for years and many of us know about the billions of loonies that has gone to Quebec, almost equating with the amount that leaves Alberta, as a bribe to stay in the country. The recent budget is definitely an indication of that, so not much has changed there.

However, there's a difference. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has declared that the fiscal imbalance with the provinces has been solved. I think what he means though is that this is the last time we're buying off Quebec, other provinces be damned anyway. After this, will there be a further break down of federal powers and overlapped spending to let provinces do their own thing, like they used to a long time ago? Perhaps.

But when the Liberals were governing, they liked to create "programs" and many a program they made, with plump Quebecois patronage, and wasteful spending there to create jobs for friends. The sponsorship scandal was the crux of a resulting corruption that had been going on for many years. This was Liberal centralism and this bribery is insulting to Quebeckers.

Stephen Harper's old roots in the Reform Party would have no money for Quebec, and more provincial autonomy. This policy was the called "Third Way" that Preston Manning used to trumpet a whole decade ago.

Conservatives shocked everyone with 10 seats last election. With the rise of the ADQ and fall of the Liberals and PQ, it appears that Quebeckers are now embracing this old idea as a new way.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Adscam? I thought that was over!

So, you thought the sponsorship scandal was over, didn't you? The auditor reported, arrests were made, people were sentenced, Liberals lost the election, and that was that.

Well, no. "It ain't over until we decide it is!"

They're just scratching the surface folks.

"Police continue to investigate federal bureaucrats, ad executives, and Liberal party organizers suspected to have taken part in the kickback scheme. "

Read on!

So here's a party that tries to trigger an election by voting against the Conservative budget, but luckily with Bloc support it passes, then they attack the Conservatives for trying to rig an election. Wait, didn't Liberal leader Stephane Dion say they "must go back to power as soon as possible"?

What, is being in government the only way they can try to cover up more scandals?