Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gary Mar campaign buying PC memberships

Blogger Alberta Ardvark has delved into the story that the Gary Mar campaign has been buying PC Party of Alberta memberships for supporters.  And unbelievably, it is not against the party rules.

The Ardvark is right in saying these are "antiquated rules for an antiquated party".

I've also checked various campaign websites to see if you can still buy a membership at the polling place just before you vote (as in the last leadership votes) and they all say you need to show your membership card.  So are they selling them there or not?   I don't know.

I have received numerous emails from each of the campaigns.  The only phone call I got was from Gary Mar's team while I was at the Eskimo game.  Friends of mine on some of the teams have not contacted me to try and win me over.

So with that, it's looking more and more likely that I won't be voting in this race.


Ardvark said...

Yes, you can buy a membership at the polls. Or you could have someone buy one for you =)

Anonymous said...

Last time we bought ours at the polling station

maryT said...

Have received lots of calls to vote, and have refused to buy a membership on line, but have been told, yes you can buy at the door and vote. Last time a lot of people showed up to vote on the second ballot, not the first, and voted for guess who. Will the same thing happen this time. At least one should have voted in the first ballot before voting in the second.

Blame Crash said...

The Prog-Con Party of Alberta is corrupt to the bone.
They are nothing more than the political arm of the provincial bureaucracy and their crony capitalist co-conspirators.
They got to go!