Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joe Biden for Veep!

As a libertarian conservative Canadian who is a fan of Obama (not that I don't dislike McCain), I was hoping he'd choose Biden.

Biden is to the right of Obama, but left of McCain.

I think Biden is "biden" his words when he said that Obama was unfit in that debate and the McCain campaign did an excellent job in pointing that out with the TV ad. Perfect actually.

But I also think Biden's been mighty impressed with how well Obama's campaign is run. I'm not sure if Biden will fit into the dynamic campaign as much as a lesser known veep choice, but I think he can tow the line.

Overall, I think Americans aren't choosing the lesser of two evils here but could certainly live with either candidate as president.

The Iraq debate is pretty much over as it appears US troops, for the most part, will be out of there in a few years anyway.

Obama choice in Biden really comes down to who can best serve as president if need be, and Joe Biden has the foreign policy know-how and experience to step in better than most.

I watched Biden closely over his run for the candidacy and was impressed with his opinions on Iraq and the whole region how he recognizes that there are essentially three nations within Iraq, caused by the British drawing odd borders for countries like that, Jordan, and Syria.

Anyway, the issue now is similar to 1992... "It's the economy stupid" and McCain has admitted that he doesn't know much about economics.

With a 7 trillion dollar debt, rumours of defaulting on that, millions of lost jobs, housing credit crisis, and a bloated gov't, the Bush hangover has begun.

It still comes down to which economic ideology and plan will the American people buy into this time?

Ra Ra Ras Putin at it again

Can anyone name the prime minister who was under former Russian president Vladimir (Ras) Putin?

Can anyone name the current Russian president? Well it's not Putin. He's now the prime minister, but is certainly still acting like a president.

A derranged one nonetheless.

Putin is accusing the U.S. of orchestrating the Georgian conflict in Ossetia. WHAT?

I've said it for years to watch out for this guy, a former KGB officer.

Chechnya, Georgia, and now which former Soviet state is next on the list? Maybe not "next" but "always" on the list. And that's my grandfather's home country of Ukraine.