Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Latest stuff

Again, it's tough being a lazy blogger, but here's my thoughts of the latest politics...

Iggy's ads are okay. In fact, they're just the right amount of (false) hope that liberals can latch onto.

So speaking of Iggy ... Martin Couchon in, then not in, then in .... me sees a MAJOR rift in the Quebec wing of the Liberals.

And now, I say with great pleasure, that I now respect Stephane Dion more than ever. At least he had vision. At least he was bold with controversial plans. At least he had dual citizenship (not sure what that means, but just sayin'). At least his poll numbers were better. At least he could actually articulate what he was planning to do. But now, can't do that, can we?

Harper not floundering around the U.N. Seriously people. Canadian economics and Tim Hortons trumps anything else, except attending a hockey game. Could Iggy say the same? About the hockey... you know, being in the UK and at Harvard all the time. Does Harvard still have a team?

Speaking of team... Team Harper walking out on nut job Amagejdadad's ... or whatever you're called, at the U.N. Couldn't have been prouder to be Canadian.

And Qadaffi, Ghadaffi, or however you spell it, no one gives a shit about you... neither does most of us in Canada. Seriously. Take your tents (Trump, what were you thinking?), and go home.

I also think the demise of Iggy is the continuing direct result of his old roommate Bob Rae. Ask yourself this ... whom do you think has more influence, connections, and power in Ontario, let alone Toronto. Someone who's been premier and has deep connections with Powercorp, a corporation that has had a major influence on federal politics for decades, or someone who's lived OUTSIDE of the country for 34 years (or whatever the number is!) and wrote a bunch of books (oh don't get me started!)? Any misstep by Iggy .. methinks his "advisors" are actually not his.

I have no proof of any of this other than pure political instinct.

If you wanted to be PM, how would YOU go about it? There's only been ONE Liberal leader that didn't become PM.. Stephane Dion. Iggy? Really? So you think there'd be a three-peat? Hell no. Enter Bob Rae.

Ok, to much more important people. Afghanistan... to the Canadian soldiers there, some who I know... fight the good fight my friends. And it is a good fight. You ARE making a difference. You HAVE made a difference. You are ALL in our thoughts and prayers.. ALWAYS. Kick some ass!!! You ARE the best!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harper leads...

Nanos research did a leadership poll recently and found that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is far ahead of Michael Ignatieff on trustworthiness, competency, and vision.

Canadians like it when a leader leads and takes a stand. That's why they loved Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, and now are really warming up to Harper. But note the undecided. There's room, but I'd say most of those are people who don't even vote (for shame!).

Regardless, Canadians trust Stephen Harper more than twice as much as Michael "Just Visiting" Ignatieff.

The most trustworthy leader

National (n=1,002)

  • Stephen Harper: 31%
  • Michael Ignatieff: 14%
  • Jack Layton: 14%
  • Gilles Duceppe: 8%
  • Elizabeth May: 8%
  • None of them/Undecided: 25%

The most competent leader

National (n=1,002)

  • Stephen Harper: 36%
  • Michael Ignatieff: 20%
  • Jack Layton: 11%
  • Gilles Duceppe: 7%
  • Elizabeth May: 2%
  • None of them/Undecided: 24%

The leader with the best vision for Canada’s future

National (n=1,002)

  • Stephen Harper: 32%
  • Michael Ignatieff: 20%
  • Jack Layton: 15%
  • Gilles Duceppe: 4%
  • Elizabeth May: 4%
  • None of them/Undecided: 25%

Leadership Index Score

  • Stephen Harper: 99
  • Michael Ignatieff: 54
  • Jack Layton: 40
  • Gilles Duceppe: 19
  • Elizabeth May: 14

Wildrose Alliance takes Calgary-Glenmore


The Elections Alberta results are here.

Can't say I wasn't surprised. People all around Alberta are not happy with Ed's PCs. Ed is a decent man, but his gov't for the most part is still a throwback to Ralph's days. This PC party is tired and although voters gave Ed and Co. a chance to govern, he's blowing it with deficits, a mean health care minister in Ron Leipert, booze tax (which was repealed by Ed but prices didn't drop), and now weird cutbacks to health and education, and breaking a contract with the Alberta Teachers Association? They have no direction and no vision.

Enter Paul Hinman.. again. Paul's a smart guy and will be a needed voice in the legislature... again.

But what this does is most certainly draws attention to the Wildrose Alliance leadership race which takes place on October 17th, 2009. The membership cutoff is October 2 and ballots will be mailed out or you can attend the convention.

The Wildrose Alliance Party Leadership Convention is being held on Saturday, October 17, 2009, 9:00 am - 11:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Convention Centre, 4520 - 76 Ave., Edmonton.
If I'm in town, I might just pop in and see what all the fuss is about.

Leadership candidates' websites:
I like Danielle's the best and will be paying close attention to her campaign. As I'm sure, many former PC folks will too.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Latest

I'm currently in Los Angeles, but here are my comments of the latest political happenings...

- Elizabeth May running in BC somewhere. Run, Betty, run! ... yawn

- Harper's senate appointments... a necessary evil. Rest assured many of us Conservatives will be piping up if the party wins a majority next election and no further progress is made on senate reform.

- Iggy wants an election. ... yawn. Were Bob Rae's hawks responsible for pushing this knowing Iggy would lose? Unlike some delusional Liberals, methinks Canadians don't really want much change, but I also don't think they punish parties that force one. The best the Liberals can do is gain 20 seats to 97. But I don't know where those seats would come from.

- Iggy's TV ads. ... yawn

- Stephen Harper spontaneously plays "Gimme Shelter" on an old piano in the Niagara region. Sounds like a leader who's feeling relaxed to me.

- Obama's speech to students... awesome and necessary. Republican pundits and politicians are just jealous. George Bush Sr. did a similar thing. Newt Gingrich even thought it was okay.

- Health care debate in the U.S. ... very bad and lots of truth bending and myths spouted. Lou Dobbs on CNN is at least looking at other countries' systems. USA Today shows that insurance payments have gone up dramatically over the past 5 years and some families pay up to $1400-1900/month. I don't know about you but that's crazy.

- God bless Canada.