Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Bigger Picture

Okay, this is my last post regarding the Emerson defection and appointment. Let's look at the reality of it all.

What if he wasn't appointed to cabinet? Would there be the hubbub on the Conservative side? No. While many Conservative MPs don't agree with floor-crossing, would they have cared before Belinda crossed and was appointed to Martin's cabinet? Probably not.

Liberals are ticked that he defected but you think they're pissed because he's in cabinet? Hell no. Some are probably quietly saying, "Those sneaky bastards. You gotta give it to them. They know how to play."

I've read this man's credentials and I must say, I am impressed. No one, and I mean, no one is denying that Emerson isn't the best person to deal with trade at this time especially considering the softwood lumber pact. The issue hasn't been resolved yet and Emerson has more experience than anyone in Canada to deal with it more quickly and efficiently. He's also now the closest government MP to deal with the Olympics in Vancouver.

So you have to ask yourself ... at the present moment what's best for Canada?

I don't hear many Montrealers complaining about the Fortier appointment either.

In principle, I don't like either appointment. Whenever Chretien would appoint someone to the Senate, the opposition would cry afoul he or she wasn't elected. But then Chretien would defend it saying you can't deny that they're not highly qualified and deserving, which was the case most of the time, despite much cronyism.

Perhaps Harper does have a hidden agenda though--drawing attention to the need for senate reform. Because as long as the system in place exists, then there's the perfectly legal opportunity to do what Harper did in appointing Fortier.

Again, like chess, Stephen Harper could be several moves ahead of us and is drawing us toward a checkmate on true senate reform. He knows he can't do that in a minority situation, so not only do these appointments start a potential gain in Vancouver and Montreal for the next election, they also draw attention to the bigger picture--and that is true democractic reform in this country.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're bang on with the chess move thing. How to build power? Steal from the competition? How to become a heavy-weight instead of a welter weight? Build muscle. I will say though that the Liberal muscle in BC has become very bulky ... something for Harper to be cautious of. Emerson will have to prove he's to be trusted....there was no way he was letting go of those 5 golden Olympic rings....BUT having a Trade guy from the west coast whose plugged into Asian issues can't be all bad. I say trust in Harper's process - there's a method to his madness but better that he not show his cards too early.

Thanks for keeping me plugged into the Cdn political scene...Keep it up!