Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edmonton's mayor Mandel is an idiot

EDMONTON -- The two-lane one way metal Walterdale Bridge is to be replaced by new fancy three-lane modern one.  It costs less to tear the old bridge down than maintain it annually.  But our genius mayor wants to keep it and put a restaurant on it.

"A single remaining span can pay homage to the historical nature of the existing bridge," concluded the report. "It is possible to build a restaurant on the bank adjacent to the bridge and use this remaining span as the patio or outdoor space.".

The Walterdale is ugly, an eyesore, and a bottleneck.  Councillor Bryan Anderson is bang on correct...

Maintaining the old bridge next to the city's new signature structure after 2015 would be ridiculous, Coun. Bryan Anderson said.

The new bridge is something people will stop to photograph and immediately to the west will be the "Walterdale mess," he said.

"I just think that when you're spending $40 million to make this an iconic piece of new infrastructure that could conceivably last 150 years, it doesn't make to me a lot of sense in confusing that signature appearance with a piece of 70-year-old, girder-style bridging."
Exactly.  Mayor Mandel is an idiot.


Jen said...

Look out for higher property taxes to pay for Mandel's idea.
Apparently the edmontonians voted for the man AGAIN so will have to live with his continuous high taxes.

Anonymous said...

At least there are 3 of us who can see Madel for what he is. He has implemented a property tax for "neighbourhood improvement". But at a city meeting in the King Edward Park Community, we have been told that our taxes will go up to pay the bill.

He now wants to take Winston Churchill and turn it back into grass.

Today I read that he intends to use our tax dollars to buy the west end Grant Macewan campus and turn it into an art centre.

On the news this morning it was mentioned that he intends to raise taxes by about 5% and at the same time is looking for ways to cut services.

On top of this, the jerk takes millions of our tax dollars and feeds a multi-billionaire's hair-brained "revitalize project". I have seen "revitalization" over and over again in this city. The only thing that get revitalized is the pocket books of of the mayors friends...(and maybe a few pension plans?).

Yes he is a jerk, but the only ones to really blame are the non-thinks who elected him a second time.