Friday, March 03, 2006

Dalton McGuinty is an idiot

Aahhhh. Feels good to say that. He's sure been yappin' his gums lately. I wish he'd stay out of federal matters, don't you? He thinks because he's the premier of the most populated province, he can say such things outside his jurisdiction. Well, they have no bearing.

So now Dolton McSquinty wants to abolish the senate. He sounds like an NDPer. He prefers proportional representation, which also sounds like an NDPer. He whins because although Ontario has 40% of the population, they only have 22% of the seats in the senate. Does this guy understand the term bicameral?

Yeah the senate needs reform. It shouldn't be based on population though, which it kinda sorta is right now. We already have rep by pop in the house of commons.

Dolton sees the direction that Prime Minister Harper is going with senate reform ... that is, to a triple-e, where each province gets the same number of senators.

So then Ontario would actually go down to about 10% of the senate seats. An equal senate balances the regions of the country. But it appears that McSquinty still doesn't want to make the country work better and continually have Ontario dominate federally and unfairly.

And I thought Ralph Klein was winning the idiot race.

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