Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wanna buy the letter "E"?


I got this excellent news from the Prime Minister's emailer:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that in keeping with the principles of Bill C-43, the proposed law that would enable Canadians to vote
for Senators, Canada’s New Government intends to appoint Alberta
Senator-in-waiting Bert Brown to replace retiring Alberta Senator Dan Hays."

Now if the Liberal Senators will "hurry up their detailed analysis" we can get on with it already. Do continue to watch the Liberals stall but say "committed to Senate reform". Yeah, they'll be committed alright... right up until they have to retire from the Senate at the age of 75.

You know it amazes that many still push for some sort of proportional representation in the House of Commons when we're still trying to get democracy in the Upper House. Oh, that and usually it's from small parties that specialize in a few issues but don't have enough national interest.

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