Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hudak: "once they taste my pulled pork, I think I can turn them around"

You can't help but read it another way!  Who the heck is running the Tim Hudak campaign in Ontario?  It should be a lesson for political science students on "what not to do", or "how to have a insurmountable lead then lose it in 30 days". 

When I was in Mississauga on business throughout June, I heard the radio ads, I saw the TV ads.  They didn't do much for me.  The messaging and policy were all over the place.  Chain gangs? Is that what the average person thinks about?  It wasn't simple and clear. 

The Liberal War Room led by Warren Kinsella has been pounding away at every misstep and questionable quote the PCs have given to the media and now the Liberals lead in the polls.  The "foreign workers" quote is probably the most telling.

So now, Tim goes on radio and challenges the two other leaders to a BBQ cookoff

“I am laying down the gauntlet, I’m throwing down the gloves, I’m saying I’m going to challenge Andrea Horwath and Dalton McGuinty to a barbecue contest to see who people would rather have,” said Hudak.

“I just don’t believe this poll. Once they taste my ribs, once they taste my pulled pork, I think I can turn them around,” he said.

“Don’t believe the polls till you have the pulled pork.”
Seriously?  This counts for leadership?  "Pulled pork"?

McGuinty will be premier for another four years and Ontarians will be hit with a carbon tax and continue their "have not" provincial status.


Anonymous said...

Sad but true.
Why vote PC? Liberal Lite?
Staying home again this election. Mr. Hudak has shown no inclination to eulate Mike Harris.

canadianna said...

I've seen tons of Dalton on tv, in ads both PC and Liberal. Haven't seen Hudak once. You'd think the Liberals would be the ones scared of their leader. Where is Hudak --- no, really, where are any of the PCs?