Monday, October 26, 2009

Mass Pollution in China

This is unbelievable. Communism and industrialism mixed with good ol' child labour, physical defects, disease, human rights violations, let alone the long-term damage to the local environment, animal habitat, etc.

No wonder China doesn't want to sign on to any climate deal.

h/t Grandinite

"Little Russians"

Here's a post from The Iceman on Michael Ignatieff and writing about "Little Russians".

Friday, October 23, 2009

3D House of Iggy

Halloween is coming and let me tell you, folks, this is scariest teaser trailer that I have ever seen...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Iggy the Wrong on Maher Arar

Oh Iggy... opened your mouth again did ya?

"Canada sent Maher Arar (a Canadian engineer) to Syria, and a court found that he had been subjected to extraordinary rendition, that his claims (of torture) were true and that he had delivered no intelligence to anybody. It was a disgrace. So, we don't do it. Ever. Period. Off the table. We don't get other people to do our dirty work for us, and we don't do dirty work ever."

Arar was sent to Syria by the United States in late 2002 after he was detained while in transit to Canada through JFK Airport in New York.

Contrary to what Ignatieff said, no court has made findings of fact in Arar's case.

I'm wondering if the only thing Iggy reads are his own books.

From UBC law professor Michael Byers:

"For him to get the facts wrong on the highest profile case of torture involving a Canadian citizen is deeply worrying.

"It suggests a certain lack of attention to detail, and perhaps even concern, on a matter that was engaging the Canadian public, a commission of inquiry, and courts in both Canada and the United States at the very same time that he was expressing opinions on torture in The New York Times."


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iggy the iffy continued..continued...

Oh man, this party doesn't really stand for anything, do they? That, or they just don't communicate with each other well, OR some people on the inside are mucking things up... or all three. Here's what was said in the news today...

Federal Liberals say they won't support the NDP in its effort to push a private member's climate-change bill through the House of Commons on Wednesday.

The proposed legislation, called Bill C-311, the climate change accountability act, sets strict targets for greenhouse gas emissions and is currently being considered by a House environment committee.
Liberal environment critic David McGuinty, however, said the committee needs more time to study the implications of the bill.

"We need to hear more about the American position, the European position, the Chinese position" before considering the bill, McGuinty told CBC News.
More here...

And here's what Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said just over a month ago on September 2, 2009.
"We are not going to wait for the United States; we are not going to wait for Mr. Obama," Ignatieff said. "Canadian climate-change policy gets made in Canada. It doesn't get made in the United States."
This is too easy ... come on, you know how it goes...

"[Do something about climate change] but not necessarily [do something about climate change]."

You know, with the whole 'cheque-gate' thing with the Conservative logo and MPs signatures on big cheques, as obvious as it is, and how Stephen Harper, in 2006 got elected on being accountable and all that. Yeah, but at least the money still went back to Canadian ridings in obvious plain sight, not your tax dollars directly to Liberal cronies as cash in an envelope under a table at a restaurant.

And here's former Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, in 2000 on taking credit for cash to ridings...

OTTAWA and QUEBEC CITY – Jean Chretien, the Prime Minister, yesterday said his government had nothing to apologize for in seeking to reap maximum partisan political benefit from disbursing $1-billion worth of federal job grants across Canada each year.

He had always made sure since taking power in October, 1993, that voters were left in no doubt that it was his Liberals who were distributing such grants, he said.

“Listen,” he added, “we are the government … I don’t see why we can’t try to get credit for what we do. I hope we do so. There is nothing to be ashamed in that.”

So in summary ... the opposition Liberals and their flip-flopping leader Michael Ignatieff have absolutely NO credibility on criticizing the Conservative gov't about anything.

h/t: cosmostein on BT, Stephen Taylor

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Iggy the iffy continued...

"[Support the government] if necessary, but not necessarily [support the government]..."

OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Tuesday that his party will no longer seek to defeat the Harper government, suggesting the Conservatives will remain in power until at least next spring's federal budget.

"We've said clearly we won't support the government but, at the same time, we won't try to defeat the government each time," Ignatieff told reporters Tuesday after making an appearance at a daycare in Ottawa.


Man, it's becoming difficult to keep up with this guy. I don't know, maybe that's his intention. He's only been opposition leader for a short time and he's flip flopped on pretty much everything so far.

Perhaps a recent poll putting his party at 25.5% and the Conservatives at 40.7% had something to do with changing his mind on defeating the gov't at every turn.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Iggy the iffy

Iggy the iffy...

“I've made some mistakes. I will make some more,” he told his caucus according to an insider. “But I've stood strong on the beliefs.” Link...

Hmmm...stood strong?

Vetoing candidates?

And he's only been opposition leader for how long? Can you imagine the flippedy flip flops if he were PM?