Friday, September 02, 2011

Very tired of this Alberta PC Party

Oh here we go again.. PC leadership candidates yapping about high-speed rail, like it's some dangling carrot.  Well, this bunny's not gonna bite.

The only way this rail link would work and makes sense is if it went from downtown Edmonton to Red Deer to downtown Calgary.  Otherwise, folks will continue to drive since they'll still want to get around their destination city.  And what about winter time and the blowing snow? Oh, and why not have it go to Ft. McMurray too?

Speaking of the Mac, more people died on Highway 63 yesterday.

Before we even begin talking about luxury items like high-speed rail, why isn't more effort being put in to twin Highway 63 and get it done before more people die?  Years ago, I also advocated that to pay for maintenance it should be a toll road since it's mostly business that uses it, and if workers are headed up there, they should be allowed to expense the toll.  You know who also advocated that?  Peter Lougheed.

On another note, with this stupid distracted driving law in effect yesterday, people in Calgary are being pulled over for.. wait for it... drinking coffee.  What's next, switching stations on your radio? *Sigh*.

I've really had it with this PC party.  They have no idea what they're doing anymore (and haven't for many years).  Come on people, it's not like there's a threat from any of the left leaning parties. Isn't 40 years enough already?  I doubt I'll bother voting in their leadership race. 

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Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. The Tories are afraid they be criticized for poor planning if they widen the QE2 highway between Edmonton and Calgary. They planned poorly and every overpass cannot be widened. To widen thecroad, every single overpass must be torn out and rebuilt. That's 27 overpasses at $200 million per overpass. The bullet train allows the Tories to rip out and widen overpasses and bury the cost in the bullet train cost. It's a beautiful cover up. It's what the Tories do best.