Thursday, September 01, 2011

Robocop Nation

And you wonder why we are relying on machines and nanny-state laws more and more for lack of policing...

Police were ill-prepared for riot: report

An independent report has found that confusion among police caused them to lose control of the sprawling crowds gathered on Vancouver's streets to take in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final on June 15, setting the stage for the rioting that followed.


"A huge factor in what happened that day was alcohol," Furlong said at a news conference Thursday afternoon. "It had an enormous impact on the atmosphere and the attitude and the behaviour of people from fairly early on and right to the end of the day."
My bet is if this type of event is occurring, they'll look at having bars and liquor stores close early or not be open at all that day; yet another intrusive law that won't stop anything.  What would have stopped the rioting is having police better managed with a strong presence prior to the game.  Let people go to the bars, sure, but when they exit, they'll see well-policed streets.

Oh, and no one has been charged yet.  Apparently, due to the lack of police, they're relying on citizens' video and pictures to convict.  Has it really come to this?

Public surveillance cameras, red-light cameras, photo radar, Tasers, useless redundant laws, draconian bylaws, and now relying on cellphone cameras... sorry folks but none of that can hold a candle to having the physical presence of law enforcement personnel maintaining good public order.

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