Monday, August 12, 2013

Alberta .05 BAC law: no impact?

The Calgary Stampede drunk driving charge numbers are only slightly down to 90 from 96 last year, and even then attendance was down obviously from the flooding.

Also, the gov't was making us believe that their laws were having an impact by using a statistic trick. They took the declining trend average of the last five years and then said that the number of drunk driving deaths between July and December 2012 was below that average, yet those numbers were already part of the declining trend.

The Alberta PC gov't is not being honest here and trying to show that their laws are having some sort of impact on impaired driving.  However, the numbers show that even despite a population boom over the past six years, the total number of deaths, not just the per capita rate, is declining in the right direction, implying that Albertans themselves have already been making responsible choices for years--without the nanny-state PC government.  Meanwhile, they've now permitted police to seize your vehicular property on the spot for three days even though you haven't committed a crime, yet continue to hand keys back to repeat offenders.

h/t Dave Breakenridge

Thursday, August 08, 2013

CRTC denies Sun News Network

Time to dissolve the useless CRTC.