Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unite the right in Alberta

Kevin Libin from the National Post explores a new Blue Committee led by conservative stalwart Ken Boessenkool to unite the two right-of-centre parties.

I just don't see this happening for a very long time, if it all, for a few reasons:

1.  There is no threat from the Liberals or NDP to forming government, especially the Liberals who saw their own exodus of brain power to the 'newish' Alberta Party.  With no threat, there is no fear from Wildrose supporters to stay put.

2.  Therefore, it's not the same situation at the federal level when the Canadian Alliance and PC Parties finally joined forces.  The expediency of a "Paul Martin juggernaut" was a strong motivator back then.

3.  The PC Party, save a few policies and cabinet ministers, is mostly a Red Tory party.  It is NOT right-of-centre, despite what some liberal bloggers say.  It is essentially a liberal party.  Finding common ground on key Wildrose principles likes property rights, small government, and democratic reform, are no where on the radar for the PCs.

4.  Boessenkool's prediction that next election, the PCs could be in a minority situation and then form a coalition with the Liberals is laughable at best and that the Wildrose should fear that.  Actually, Ken, it would be an ideal situation and would further invigorate true conservatives to join the Wildrose.

5.  When the Wildrose Party becomes official opposition next election with somewhere between 12 and 20 seats, Danielle Smith will be in the Legislature, garner more attention and distinguish itself from the PCs.  That will be the launching pad for more donations and further support.

Therefore, this Blue Committee is premature and simply an attempt by PCs to swallow the Wildrose, but the same folks entrenched in the PC party and government at the bureaucratic level all need to be replaced, which takes a lot of effort to change, yet it's healthy for our democracy.  I may be in favour of a merger if it was called simply "Conservative" like the federal party but it would need to adopt more democratic and fiscally conservative policies.


DeeDee said...

Albertans can unite the right by voting for the Wildrose party.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a minority PC government with the WR holding the noose over their head. THAT would make lefty Mar squirm.