Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Insenaty!

And here we go again and again and again. Liberals all for senate reform, but it's gotta be full on reform or they won't do it, which is very, very difficult, while lambasting the Conservatives for having the gonads to forge ahead, despite being in a minority.

You see, to have full reform, you gotta "open the constitution" which you'll hear the same Liberals say, "Well, once you open up the Constitution, you play into the hands of the separatists."

But Liberals believe the Conservatives are playing partisan games instead of seeking meaningful reform.

They propose a term of 12 to 15 years so the Senate can maintain its traditional role of providing long-term perspective.

"The job is to study, to question legislation and question experts," said Quebec Sen. Serge Joyal. "If you have a bunch of newbies in the two chambers, the administration can manipulate them the way they want. The government can manipulate Parliament."


Joyal insists the Liberals "are not opposed at all to reform," they simply believe the legislation the government wants passed is unconstitutional.

Let me ask you this then, Senator Joyal:

When have the Liberals EVER sought senate reform?


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