Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rothstein grillin'

Further to my post below on Harper drawn our attention to the senate, another item where our attention was focused yesterday was our new Supreme Court of Canada Judge, Marshall Rothstein.

Ask me to name the other judges? Can you? Nope. Well, I now know something about this Rothstein guy, starting with his name. I now know he worked on a dining car on the train and got a sense of how diverse Canada is. And he seems like a smart, well-qualified individual for the job. I'm now confident he'll do a good job and make good decisions. I wouldn't have known that before.

Would my attention have been drawn with just a straight appointment and no review? No. I wouldn't have bothered. But the adhoc judicial committee interview with Rothstein from yesterday is all over the news now and was televised.

Do you feel somewhat more engaged into what this new Harper government is doing? I certainly am.

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