Thursday, February 23, 2006

Casting a shadow

The opposition Liberals, i.e. Team Graham, have unveiled their shadow cabinet with 41 critic roles. With a reduced Harper cabinet, there's going to be a lot of double-teaming going on.

One of the top critic spots is John McCallum as finance critic. I just don't think he's going to fair very well there. I still reel at recalling Stephen Harper's bang-on imitation of McCallum at the Press Gallery Dinner in 2005. That was hilarious.

I think the top performers will be Scott Brison critiquing Rona Ambrose on environment and Stephane Dion zipping Peter Mackay on foreign affairs.

Other than that, the Liberals don't have a lot of credibility. Harper has already outlined his priorities and if the Liberals try to bring up other items, any cabinet minister can just say, "The Liberals had 12 years to fix it and they didn't."

Look to the NDP to be more feisty. The Bloc will be more cooperative than they were with the Liberals.

I think Harper will do very well during Question Period.

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