Monday, February 20, 2006

House of Cards & Adhocs

So Public Safety Minister, Lock Stockwell Day and Two Smokin' Barrells, has been talking about the national ID card. He says it's "inevitable". I didn't like the idea when the Libs brought it up, and I don't like it now. I don't even like the SIN number idea. Perhaps passports could be beefed up, but "biometric data" on the card? Come on. At what point in a free society do individuals have to register their DNA? Answer? When they commit a crime.

From the PMO: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the process that will be used to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada. At the centre of the process is a publicly televised appearance by the nominee before the Ad Hoc Committee to Review a Nominee for the Supreme Court of Canada."

What does this mean? This means we get to see more of those cute furry Santa Claus outfits that our Supreme Court justices have to wear on the bench. Don't you just feel like jumping on their lap and asking for a toy train? Okay, maybe not a toy train, but perhaps tougher sentences.

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