Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jeremy spoke in court today

A judicial recount has been ordered in Northern Sask. I really hope Jeremy Harrison wins this one again. He's a very bright, young, hardworking guy.

Back in 2001, I remember talking to Jeremy at a Mike Nickel for Mayor event about the current defections in the Canadian Alliance, attacks against Stock Day and their single digit place in the polls. I told him that I thought the Canadian Alliance was dead and wouldn't last. He said, "I still believe in the Alliance." I wonder what he really thought. He went on to become a National Councillor though.

But even when Harper took over the Alliance and repeated in his speech to cheering delegates at the 2002 Convention in Edmonton: "The Canadian Alliance Party is strong and the Canadian Alliance Party is here to stay!" I thought to myself he had to be kidding. There's no way they could win with the PCs still around.

I remember seeing Peter Mackay poking around at the Convention as well. I wondered if Harper and Mackay saw each other from across a crowded convention room floor.

But I digress. Lets hope Jeremy wins!

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