Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bits n Pieces

Chantel Hebert from the Toronto Star, explains another point why anti-floor crossing legislation would be bad for Canada. She's one of my faves.

Mike Wilson reappears! I didn't know he was the co-chair for the Conservative campaign in Ontario. Well, there go the rumous of Preston Manning becoming ambassador. What's ironic is that the reason Stephen Harper quit the old Progressive Conservative Party back in the late 80's to join Reform was his distaste for their policies. Hmmm, wasn't Mike Wilson the Finance Minister back then -- the guy who introduced the GST that Harper is trying to cut now? I'm just sayin'! (I wonder what my buddy, who was Wilson's EA way back, thinks about this.)

John Reynolds disappears! The guy who setup the whole Emerson deal has left the building. As campaign chair, he did an impecible job. He was also great when he was interim leader of the Canadian Alliance, when 4 years ago, after Canada won Olympic gold in hockey, asked Jean Chretien in question period, "Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Prime Minister. Hey, how 'bout that Joe Sakic?" Gold. Pure gold.

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