Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Harper shoots and scores

Here's PM Harper's first post election interview. I must say, his answers are straight to the point, and honest. He even admits that he thinks "two steps ahead". Well, he's being a bit deceiving here, because he thinks about 10 steps ahead.

And he's telling the truth regarding his abortion stance. This was one the contentious issues he had with the Reform Party about a dozen years ago. It's not that he is for or against abortion, Stephen Harper, like me, doesn't think it should be legislated. He's a true libertarian here.

Then there's this news item on Stephen at the local hockey rink watching his son's team. Funny tidbit. Harper's son plays on left-wing, while an NDP MP's son plays on right-wing.

After reading these, I thought, "Well, now the media is finally catching up to this guy. " He's simply an intelligent, forthright, regular hockey dad type guy... your average Canadian and it appears that's what the other hockey parents think too. I loved that he used to yell at the refs. How much more Canadian can you get folks?

All Paul Martin could do was play cards. Thing is, it's fitting. You never knew what hand you were being dealt.

The media love celebrity in our Prime Ministers. That's why they put Trudeau on a pedestal. Mulroney was very charming and an excellent speaker. Chretien wasn't about celebrity either. Martin simply thought he deserved to be there. Harper, more of an intellect, says he's not here for the celebrity, that he just wants to get the job done.

Friends of mine who'd say, "I don't know about Stephen Harper. He just doesn't sit well with me." Well, that's what the media and the Liberals portrayed. I told them, "Actually, when you meet him, he's a regular hockey dad type guy. " And finally, the media is getting to know him. Hopefully now Canadians will too.

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