Friday, February 24, 2006

The True North Strong and Free

Recent announcements by Defence Minister Bill O'Conner and Stephen Harper's pledge to boost military spending and personnel is badly needed in this country. Yes, badly.

There are estimates that about 30% of the personnel are bureaucrats in Ottawa. This needs to be reduced obviously. We also have way too many generals. They should retire. Basically, the DND is top-heavy. Not surprised. It needs a big audit. Sheila Fraser?

While our pilots and troops are some of the best in the world, our equipment is old and faulty.

During WWI, WWII, and the Korean War, we accomplished a lot for world peace. We made an impact that is still remembered today, especially in Europe. We have few of those heroes left today, but they give us such pride and such gratitude. Most importantly, they gave us peace. Soon that feeling will be gone. And that is very sad. They are the reason why it's a good idea to wear a maple-leaf on a backpack while travelling in Europe.

Canada needs to restore its national pride, not by continued Liberal centralization and a big intrusive federal government, but with a strong and proud military and our continued relationship with the U.S. without having to rely on them as much.

Canada has become a pimple on world affairs. Sure we're a middle power, but that influence has deteriorated.

Some have said that it would be difficult to recruit and train more people because not many are signing up. Well no kidding. Not when the military has been gutted and neglected as it has under Liberal rule. Pay the troops more for their service. Get better equipment. If you build it, they will come. Yes, it's going to cost more, but when failed programs like the gun registry and the billions more squandered can't instead be put into national pride and security, then we have our priorities mixed up.

Prime Minister Harper has already stated we should reclaim our sovereignty in the Northwest Passage. Checkmark!

He's also looking to visit the troops in Afghanistan. Gold star!

Canada needs to become the True North Strong and Free again. Stephen Harper appears to be returning that pride.

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