Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supreme Club of Canada

Andrew Coyne sums it up best. Boy, does he ever sum it up about the elite culture in Ottawa.

But there's been some discussion on FreeDominion regarding this adhoc committee process that Harper and Toews have come up with as opposed to Conservative Party policy that the judge will be voted on by a free vote in the House of Commons.

Then people say, well the House doesn't sit for another month, then some say, well, why does the vacancy need to be filled so soon, and so on.

All valid points, but again, let's look at the big picture here. Some are expecting everything to all of a sudden change overnight in Ottawa. It's quite the daunting task, especially only after a couple weeks. Incremental changes. Sometimes its necessary to sacrifice a pawn, or even a rook to win. This adhoc review committee is a step in the right direction. Not exactly CPC policy, but a step that way. The next supposed vacancy is 2012.

Patience people. It's going to take some time...especially in a minority. To go in and crash and burn won't work with the way the management system is setup in the bureaucracy.

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