Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Have A Dream

Last night I had an eery dream. For some reason, I thought I heard on the radio that Stockwell Day said he didn't like the Emerson or Fortier postings as they were undemocratic and decided he would rather drop his post and sit as an independent.

Then I watched the news and saw several old Reform MPs like Deb Grey, Chuck Strahl, Diane Ablonczy gathering outside the Parliament buildings wearing green shirts. They interviewed Deb and she said, "Here we go again!"

Then I woke up and thought I'd better find out what happened on the news. Thankfully, nothing, but you know... I wouldn't be surprised.

I still wonder how much different a Harper majority gov't cabinet would look like. So that said, it's obvious now that Prime Minister Harper is already looking to the next election to build a majority. The dream isn't so eery anymore.

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