Monday, May 08, 2006

Opine o' Plenty

Haven't posted in a while, but here are my quick thoughts of the lastest ...

Budget 2006 -- Politically, a smart budget. But I will expect some income tax cuts next time, not targetted-to-win-majority social-engineering tax cuts, when the Tories are a majority. Harper had to follow through on the five campaign promises, which he should be applauded for.

Minimum sentences -- Violent crime is way up. Simply put, criminals and would-be offenders need to know they can't get away with murder anymore.

Harper in Quebec -- I'm wondering why Harper, despite the support for being in Afghanistan lags, is doing so well now in Quebec, although Charest is not. Mind you, what has Gilles done lately?

Afghan -- The flag issue sure got legs, didn't it? It had a small backfire on Harper as a majority of Canucks now think we should pull out, as compared to not long ago when Harper visited there. The real public test will be if anymore brave soldiers make the ultimate sacrifice, what will be the public's reaction? Personally, I don't give a rats ass. The Taliban need to be stopped and there are too many reasons to explain why.

McGuinty -- While whining won't get you anywhere federally and in gaining respect in the ROC, Ontarians have found their champion in reminding us where the centre of the universe is. However, cosmologists agree that the centre of the universe is actually everywhere. McGuinty already knows this, but won't admit it.

Alberta PCs -- While the battle of Alberta didn't come to fruition on the ice, it is certainly ramping up in this "race". Which city will win over the rural members? More than an "anyone but Dinning" mentality, will it simply be, "We just don't want red, let alone the Red Mile." And what is Manning waiting for? Oh right, Morton turncoats. Waiting...

Federal Liberals -- Oh, nevermind.

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