Friday, May 19, 2006

Haught vs. Naught #4

Supernaught - Iran. Recently, a friend of mine was working in Iran for a couple weeks and he just informed me he has to go back. He said

"Bloody ridiculous. Ahmadinejad... everyone there hates him. When I was there, I didn't meet a single person that didn't hate him and think he's totally screwing everything up. A guy I worked with was Zoroastrian... guess he's gotta wear blue now."

There's an understatement. Now that Iran is looking at labelling everyone not a Muslim with Nazi-style yellow badges for Jews, Zoroastrians, and others, this smacks of so many terrible things, I don't have the time to even fathom them.

Naught - Preston Manning. It would've been fun. But hey, at least now he's drawn attention to himself and the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, right? Yep. Alberta would be a good place to start and work on that initiative. And there's an old band out of Calgary called Dinning's Grin that just got bigger.

Naught - Jack Layton: "Let's have a vote on Afghanistan." Harper: "Okay, we'll vote, but it's not binding." I already talked about this in a previous post, but even Liberals are talking about what a good political move it was on the Prime Minister. I could put Harper as Haught, but not until he shows up to an Oiler home playoff game.

Haught - Rona Ambrose. When isn't she though? Ironically what might actually slow global warming would be if environmental lobbyists stopped spouting so much hot air on junk science.

Haught - Iggy n Billy. Two of the 14 Liberals who voted for extending our mission in Afghanistan stood up. There, I said it. Other than that, they really ought naught to worry about what they do, 'cause Harper's way ahead of youz by pre-painting you in an neat little corner of Hansardville.

Naught - The Klein government. Cabinet docs and notes are going to be locked up for 15 years. Leadership hopeful and caucus outsider, Lyle Oberg, mentioned something not long ago about him knowing where all the skeletons are. So does that mean Ralph Klein will come out of the closet in 15 years? Stay tooned.

Naught - Da Vinci Code believers - You remind me of environmental lobbyists and there's a higher percentage of you from Alberta! Upcoming Dan Brown books: "The Picasso Code". Synopsis: "An unexpecting pizzaologist comes across a mystical geometrical pattern in a meat lovers pie and realizes that the many franchises of the Boston Pizza Tea Party are connected with Freemasonry, annoying celebrity comics, and the bloodline of Italian popes. The fate of mankind rests on a painting by Picasso. Deal or no deal?"

Haught - The Edmonton Oilers. Believe it!

Naught - Don Cherry. I've noticed that since Montreal and Ottawa are out of the playoffs that Coach's Corner isn't on for Oiler games. Okay, maybe it's the CBC that is naught, but knowing Grapes, if he wants to say something, he'll say it... with a 7 second delay of course. I'm wondering if this has to do with the fact Kelly Hrudy went to my high school here in Oil Country.

Naught - George W. Bush. So if I sneak across the Canada/U.S. border, I might get shot by the National Guard? W.'s loves the National Guard. It was his way of saying, "I was in the 'military'" without really trying. As well, the wiretapping and all that crap is going a little too far don't you think? Iran and the U.S. are becoming more and more alike in some ways, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

what an eclectic haught/naught list this week - Picasso Code, too hilarious!

Go Oilers, go!

Anonymous said...

Next list you should add all the Oilers fans who Pee in my Garden.