Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Array of Happenings

Motion to Corner
Harper amazes me. He singlehandedly cornered many-a-MP on the motion to extend the mission in Afghanistan. Layton's been demanding a vote. "You want the vote? You can't handle the vote!" So Harper gives them the vote, but oh look, it's right away! Then Layton complains about the vote. If the Liberals and NDP were to merge, they should rename it the Hypocracy Party. It was a squeeker though: 149-145. Where was Paul Martin? More juicy factoids from Stephen Taylor here. To the 145 MPs: shame on all of you.

Presto says "No"
Well it's too bad. Just when people started paying attention to the bore of a leadership race in the PC Party of Alberta, Mr. Manning decides not to run. Now I've got friends from various camps (Dinning, Morton, Stelmach, and Norris) trying to win me over. I'll think about it, but this party needs an overhaul, not just an oil change.

The General's Guns
As pretty much expected, Auditor General Sheila Fraser, once again, finds a pile of money unaccounted for in the gun registry program. The money was accounted for in future budgets. Potential fiddler: Anne McLellan. It was on her watch. So glad she lost.

The General also found that despite all the money poured into Indian Affairs, aboriginals are still getting the short end of the stick. Minister Prentice has a lot of work ahead of him. Glad the Kelowna Accord was dropped--it wouldn't have made a dent into the lives of the truly needy, only continue to line the pockets of bureaucrats and chiefs. Sad.

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