Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The often forgotten student unforgotten

Stephen Taylor points out an aspect of the recent federal budget that was overlooked by the media, as they, like governments of the past, often forget about the potential taxpayer--the post-secondary student. Grants and scholarship are now fully 100% tax-exempt. Student loans are now easier to get for students from middle-class families. This is huge.

Too many friends of mine at the U of A had difficulty getting loans because "my parents make too much", when in fact, they really didn't.

That said, more loans for students means more debt at the end. Hopefully the feds will also have a remittance program upon graduation, as they have in Alberta. For me, that knocked off 25% of my loan and is certainly incentive to graduate.

The sooner grads can pay off their debt, the sooner they can invest, buy houses, start families, and the like. And isn't that the idea here folks?


Stephen Taylor said...

It is HUGE!

Thanks for posting about this.

Anonymous said...

If you are careful with your debt load remittance is minimal. I was punished because I did not get into enough debt - curse holding jobs through school and living with many room mates to keep costs down.