Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here's a good post by Dissonance and Disrespect on the Conservative's plans to grant amnesty to unregistered long-gun owners--a brilliant political move by this minority gov't and another promise that Harper made, to eventually scrap the whole registry.

Bill Graham and other liberal pundits can cry all they want. I don't own a gun, never shot a gun, nor do I really like guns, killing animals for sport and the like. BUT, I do recognize that free citizens should have a right to own them without fear of reprisal from the gov't for proper use and that we have hunting regulations for a reason.

But most of all, when the bill became law in 1995, it was predicted that it would be a waste and lo and behold, now has the investigative potential to be the more grossly mismanaged and corrupt than Adscam.

Initially and continually wasting taxpayer dollars isn't excuse to keep a program afloat.

Methinks the Liberals are whining and want to keep the registry to move the debate away from the powderkeg that's about to ignite with the Auditor General's report.

And that'll be an explosion bigger than all the registered guns combined.

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