Thursday, May 25, 2006

Harper 3 - Press Gallery 1

Another playoff series is occurring in Canada, not just Oiltown--that is, The Prime Minister (PM) vs. the Parliamentary Press Gallery (PPG). [Uh, that's not penalty minutes nor points per game by the way].

The PM is accusing the PPG of bias. No! You don't say! How can that be? Well, this has been going on for so long, Harper's saying the puck stops here and he has every right. Paul Martin (now you can say penality minutes, yes?) did the same thing with the PPG. What gives?

You see, I remember attending a Fraser Institute seminar back in '98 and the study they did on the political leanings of the CBC. Now I know that doesn't apply to all media obviously, but the results clearly showed that CBC employees strongly supported, not the Liberals, but the NDP. Yeah sure, they say they were negative on Paul Martin and Chretien, but we've seen over time, it's not as much as they've been on Harper. Go back to the 2004 election and you'll see. You'll also notice that the NDP get off scott-free on the bazillion contradictions they make.

Canadians are supporting the Prime Minister on this one. They can see right through the PPG's powerplay and whining. Harper's gonna take his message directly to the people and if local media want to cover him they can and will. This "taking to the streets" is much like the election platform and the 2006 campaign itself where Harper demonstrated early on that he owns his message, not the media. Game goes to Harper.

So with the leaderless and hypocritical Liberal opposition, an NDP caucus with no principle, and a Bloc overshadowed by popular Conservative support in Quebec, the Accountability Act that prevents lobbyists from landing gov't jobs right away, diminished donations by corporations and unions to political parties, and now a parliamentary press gallery ignored, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has quickly quashed the enemies. All that remains is the Conservative government and the people of Canada. It's like Stephen Harper started with the puck in his own end and began skating up the ice. Instead of dekeing, he body checks all his opponents and is now in the clear on a breakaway to a top shelf goal in a majority.

Please note that the Iranian badge controversy was made up.

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