Monday, May 15, 2006

One Hundred Harper Street

PoliticsWatch has a neat outline of Prime Minister Harper's first 100 days in office. A few comments...

- Anything the Liberals say is moot and pure hypocracy. They had their 13 years.

- Stephen Harper has done more in 100 days than Paul Martin did his entire time as PM (Is that Paul Martin or Prime Minister? You decide.) By "done", I mean actually make a promise, a decision, and follow through on it.

- Anyone expecting those 100 days to be perfect, is like expecting the Liberals not to be corrupt.

- Harper has learned that if any in his caucus shoots off the mouth, it doesn't stick in the long run anyway anymore, so don't talk about it and give it legs.

- Bill Graham and the Liberals are whining because Harper has ignored their policies and promises. While the Liberals are good at stealing ideas from the NDP and Conservatives and taking credit for it, the Conservatives simply ignore them altogether.

- Harper likes hockey. Canadians like hockey. Canadians like Harper. He's one of us.

- The third-way in Quebec is working. LibBloggers like Jason Cherniak who see a potential "yes" separation vote putting the blame on Harper because of his cozying up to Charest fail to see that Charest is the current and actual premier of Quebec, not who the polls say.

When Harper wins a majority next time around, the real test of the first 100 days of that mandate will be if he follows through on other policies that conservatives have been fighting for and will determine whether he will truly become a great prime minister. Things like broad-based income tax cuts, Senate reform, debt repayment and further decentralization that will actually strengthen the dominion are what so many have been dreaming of since Trudeaumania built up a fallacy of national pride.

Harper will become great when no longer we will say, "Well, he IS in a minority, so he has to make compromises." So far, these 100 days seem like 100 weeks and you can forget about compromises when he wins a majority. You think the Liberals are being ignored now, just you wait!

Welcome to One Hundred Harper Street, a place where the street hockey game doesn't get out of the way from incoming traffic.

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