Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"You piece of shit" - Trudeau

A lot of bloggers will be blogging this one, and this blog is no different.

During Question Period in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau bellowed out to Environment Minister Peter Kent, "You piece of shit!"

Trudeau later apologized.

Ah yes, the apple doesn't fall from the tree.  Some of you will recall his father from a train giving protestors in Salmon Arm, BC the middle finger as they shouted anti-French slogans.

It's one thing to do it in public and in response to insults, but this behaviour from his son is uncalled for in the House of Commons.  Courts are conducted in a very dignified manner--you'd think where the laws are actually made, that it would set a better example.

This shows bad judgment by a potential future Liberal leader.


Peter LeTourneux said...

It will be downplayed by the media and will disappear quickly because he is a)the son of the Liberal god. and b) because he is not a Conservative.

dmorris said...

Now,did he say,"shit" or "merde"?

Trudeau showed his relative maturity by blurting out a swear word like a little grade one student.

He insincerely apologized later.

Trudeau is just another of the many politicians in Canada who have nothing to offer voters other than a famous name.

I wish he'd just retire to the fortune his Grandad left for him and stay the hell out of the serious business of trying to run a Country.

Jen said...

Didn't chretien pepper sprayed a student and held a bystander by the throat. while the media darlings stood by and watched.
In that case the media has to continue protecting the liberals at every count.

Frances said...

Dmorris - you're thinking of Trudeau Sr who not only used 'mangez de la merde' but was also the originator of the Salmon Arm salute.

Pissedoff said...

A Turdo calling someone else shit, hilarious.

Sixth Estate said...

If Trudeau was really his father's son, he would have said:

"What is the nature of a man's thoughts, when he says silly putty or something like that?"

This is hardly the most serious offence against Parliament recently. Question Period is bad enough already that it isn't any better or worse because one of the kindergarteners used a dirty word.

Sean M said...

Turdo's kid apologized for being an imbecile and then turned around and said that he should have said "you piece of shit" in french because it's not as offensive!? WTF? The turd doesn't fall far from the arse. Let the consensus media's excuses for the grade 8 drama teacher begin.

Bec said...

Did he really apologise because I must have missed that part.

It sounded like a 'well, sorry, I said it but you really deserved it....nananana' kind of apology.

The kind, a pampered, spoiled eldest child of a media contrived, super hero would make. Oh he is...that explains it then! The NUT didn't fall far from the tree!....either way...

@crazyfasteddy said...

At least he didn't say "Merry Christmas"