Thursday, December 15, 2011

Redford's first TV ad...

In the mortal words of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, it's "a piece of shit".

(Note that Justin Trudeau's words were not actually directed at Alison Redford, the PC Party of Alberta, or the above aforementioned advertisement, but his recent words directed at Minister Peter Kent are so useful and ever poignant to be directed at so many things and people all the time, especially, and perhaps only Conservatives, because it's okay unless directed by Conservatives at Liberals or Dippers, by everyone here foreafterwith, especially and most especially in the House of Commons and fully supported by those who perhaps doth protest too much without proper research, common sense, dignity, and respect for Parliament--you know, the place where the laws of Canada are made.)

Anyway, getting back on track here, as far as style, although I'm still skeptical, I think Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose, in contrast to Premier Redford, presents herself well in an ad like this:

The reply ad from the PCs only tells me that they are nervous--that some "powers that be" in the old PCs perhaps want to contrast Redford's soft side.  This is, however, unprescendented from the PCs.  Odd, in fact.

Which can only be a good thing.. nevermind Redford's ad being a piece of shit.  But seriously folks, 40 years?  40!  Just vote for someone else, I don't care who.  But not the PCs anymore, please.  It's better for our democracy in Alberta.

(h/t to David Climenhaga)


fernstalbert said...

It is with great delight that I have answered the Alberta PC call for an end of year contribution with "no and hell no, and no again". Redford is a liberal in PC clothing and is a sorry excuse as the premier of the dynamic province of AB. Wildrose is now my party of choice. Cheers.

Calgary Junkie said...

It's not very well known that Redford tried to take away the CPC nomination in Calgary West from Rob Anders in 2007. And before that, in the 1997 federal election, then alderman Dave Bronconnier lost as a Liberal to Reformer Anders. (Bronco was recently hired by Redford to be Alberta's trade commissioner in Washington for a nine month term.)

Most recently, Donna Kennedy-Glans
almost weaseled her way into Calgary West via the board of directors back door. She was part of the progressive group, along with Stephen Carter, who got Joe Clark elected in Calgary Centre in 2000, defeating CA MP Eric Lowther. Carter was campaign strategist for Redford and new Calgary Mayor Nenshi.

Anyway, the points I want to make are:

1. There is a lot of bad blood between Team Redford and Team Anders (and other CPC teams in this province)

2. She can't be taken lightly, given her success in winning the PC leadership. Tom Flanagan was very impressed.

3. Stephen Carter's website states: "Brand authenticity gets people elected". So the battle is on in "branding" Redford. Calgary Herald editorialists and columnists are going to play a big role in which "branding" narrative wins out.

My best guess ... Redford wins a small majority, mainly because the Liberal vote will collapse, and coalesce around the PCs.