Monday, December 05, 2011

Canada to not renew Kyoto commitment

Goodbye Kyoto! As rumoured, the enivironment minister has announced that Canada will not renew its commitment to the Accord, which expires next year and slated to have a new commitment for the next four years after that.

It was a bad deal from the beginning with countries such as China, India, and Brazil not having the same commitment.  Essentially, Canada spent billions in paying out carbon offsets, which Russia was a net gain.  By pulling out now, Canada won't have to pay out $6.7 billion.

So even if the Chretien Liberals didn't originally sign Kyoto, the federal government could have saved billions instead of joining the global-socialist scam.  Hopefully, the Harper Conservatives won't make the same mistake and instead, not sign anything, or at least sign on to something that's realistic.


Sixth Estate said...

If we don't make these commitments now, we will simply have to make them later, more hastily and at greater cost.

Well done on that.

nomorekyoto said...

we will eh? The last treaty accomplished absolutly nothing and even if impimented fully would have had NO impact on climate, yet we should continue with another scam treaty to accomplish what exactly? Trying to make sense of a socialist is quite impossible

Anonymous said...

Well its about bloody time.Get all nations of the world onboard then we will talk.Until then ,good luck with that.

We have billions we can spend right here in our own country helping our own poor and uneducated first.

Ontario provincial govt is a good place to start.Clean out the leeches.