Thursday, December 22, 2011

Redford slips on banana

She's defending terrorist-funding Chiquita Banana?   Why isn't she out there defending the oil sands?

Redford said Chiquita's attempt to boycott Alberta oil is a case of "a corporation who is concerned about environmental outcomes talking about a lower emission fuel standard, saying that that's a concern to them."

"And the spin that's put on that by environmental activists is to say, 'Oh, it's a boycott.' And then to have the company have to come out and say, 'Well, no, it's not actually a boycott. We're just talking about wanting to do better.' "
She said that?  Oh dear.  This does not sound like someone who has Alberta's best interest in mind.

I don't understand.  I don't understand how she cannot be defending the ethical oil sands when it provides so much in revenue to her government coffers to spend on health care and education, is beyond me. 

What a disaster she's become in such a short period of time.

Alberta PCs, 40 years is enough.


Anonymous said...

Lets have a election. I'll be voting Wild Rose.

Fat Tony

Pissedoff said...

Well at least McTwat here in Ontario admits to being a dumb liberal.

dmorris said...

Who is the Premier of Alberta,again? Elizabeth May?

This sounds like something Liz May would say,but no SENSIBLE Canadian politician would EVER defend "the enemy" against a Canadian concern.

Well, except for Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff taking the Taliban's side against our troops, but I said "SENSIBLE".

Albertans,if you DON'T boot this greenie apologist the hell OUT of Office, you're going to be as broke as Ontario in ten years,oil money notwithstanding!

Do the right thing.


fernstalbert said...

A backbone of steel, steely nerves, unwavering supporter of her province - not our Alison. What a banana. We are laughing at you not with you. The provincial election cannot come too soon - need to get a woman with the grit to handle the job. Redford would look good in the banana belt known as Ontario!! Merry Christmas!!!

wilson said...

dmorris we are working on it!!

Andy said...

This unelected, sanctimonious, back-room dealing, sour faced hag needs to exit stage left. ASAP!

Help us Danielle.

Unknown said...

The things you have to do to get the leadership of the Alberta PC party are all the things that make you a bad politician. She bribed her way in and now she's showing us that indeed she did lie her ass off to get the job. Her day is coming, mark my words.


Syed Adeel Shafqat said...
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farnandas said...

Les membres du caucus de l'Alberta PC ont continuellement essayé de discuter de relever l'âge de boire à 19 ou 21 dans les caucus. Il a été arrêté dans le passé Vacation Accrual.

Syed Adeel Shafqat said...
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