Friday, December 16, 2011

Liberal dirty tricks

I'm currently in a little debate with a friend on Facebook regarding the Harper government's actions.  He specifically said that Harper's gov't was the only one to ever be found in contempt by Parliament, that Harper was the only one to ever prorogue Parliament, not once, but multiple times.

It's amazing how some folks drink the Liberal kool-aid time and time again.  During the 90's, the Chretien gov't did many tricks to exert power.  They will never have credibility on any issue regarding parliamentary ethics.

First off, the trumped-up contempt charge regarding the government not releasing secure military documents could have only occurred in a minority situation with the majority of the parties being in relative ideological agreement.  It's pretty weak.  And did this contemptiveness have any affect on voters when soon after, the Conservative were returned to government with a majority?  Apparently not.  So it's really a moot point.

Secondly, on prorogation, how amazing isn't it that so many people honestly thought Harper was the only one who ever prorogued Parliament, when it's been done dozens and dozens of times over Canada's history, even by many Liberals, including Chretien.  Shocking! 

So currently, with Heir Trudeau's recently foul-mouth "you piece of shit" comment in the House against Environment Minister Peter Kent, many Liberals and lefties are praising his outrage.  What's the outrage though?

It is based on the government not inviting opposition MPs to the Durban conference on climate change and that the government pulled out of the Kyoto protocol.

It is therefore quite rich that a Liberal MP would make such comments being that the Liberals aren't even a government in waiting, and especially that all the Liberals did to tackle global warming was sign the Kyoto Treaty and then send billions of dollars to Russia for CO2 emission off-sets.

He says it's based on tradition.  Who cares?  If I'm not mistaken, it's not a mandated Parliamentary tradition and why do opposition MPs get to represent Canada on an international level?  Last time I checked, they're not the government, they don't get to represent nor speak on behalf of Canada.  Pretty fundamental aspect to a democracy, no?

And what shouldn't be a tradition is sending billions out of the Canadian budget into la-la land so benefit countries like Russia who threaten to cut off gas lines to Ukraine and who currently run corrupt elections and who make false undersea border claims in the Arctic in conflict with Canada.  Yeah, makes a lot of sense!

The Kyoto Treaty?  Now that's a piece of shit.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Chretien prorogue Parliament so he could attend the Salt Lake Olympics?

Patsplace said...

It would seem that the habit of opposition parties sending their people to these "group gropes" and then siding with those countries that attack Canada has burnt the free ticket kiosk. Let'em pay their own way and the same goes for the MSM agents that support anti-Canada countries.

Patsplace said...

More on topic, Yep it is amazing to talk to some enthusiastic politico's only to find that the lights are on and nobody's home. Drinking Kool-Aid will do that to a fella.

Jen said...

BOB RAE prorogued for months when he was the ndp premier of Ontario.

The msm have prorogued their jobs for years while getting paid.

So if the liberals can prorogue for any length of time so can other parties.

Sean M said...

More proof that "Liberal" heads are full of "pieces of shit". Trudeau was the most abusive, radicalized PM this country has ever seen, followed by the flag changer and numb brained nit wit Pearson, followed by the little thug from Shawinigan, Jean Cretin. Those 3 revolutionaries did more to damage the fabric of Canada, and abused the Parliamentary system more then anyone before or after. "Liberals" suffer from an extreme case of selective outrage.

rj65 said...

My recollection is that you have to prorogue parliament in order to have a new speech from the throne. So, unless you want a four year long parliament after an election, you need this tool.

On average a province or federal government will prorogue once a year or year and a half.

Anonymous said...

I hope they do continue on this path though because it keeps our guys in office. Seriously their last election campaign was all about this bs and no one gives a flying crap about it. So keep it coming lib-dippers. I'm smiling ear to ear. Continue to swear in parliament and make yourselves look like scum sucking losers. It's working... for us.

Anonymous said...

You're missing the point. It isn't whether Harper prorogued but rather why he did it.

Let's recall that he shut down Parliament in order to head off a no-confidence vote that he certainly would have lost.

No other PM has ever done that, which is why he's such scum.

Don't you guys ever read the news? Or are you determined to muddy the waters with bullshit?

Mike B. said...

Actually Anonymous, YOU are missing the point. The only reason the three opposition parties were going into non-confidence is because they were afraid of losing their taxpayer funded subsidies--especially the Bloc, who got 85% of their funds from taxpayers.

So if you were Prime Minister in a minority and the three opposition party leaders wrote a letter to the GG saying they wish to form government without telling the voters in the very recent election they were going to do that, what would you do? If your answer is 'nothing and let the separatists be part of the government' then you are dead wrong.

Harper did the right thing for Canada. Get over it.

And if any party knows anything about muddying the waters with bullshit, it's the Liberals. Enjoy your 3rd party status.

Sixth Estate said...

It is within the Prime Minister's prerogative to ask for Parliament to be shut down, and it is customary for the G-G to always accede to a prime ministerial request. We can debate whether or not this should be the case, but the fact is that it always has been. Your Liberal friend is sadly off base there.

On the other hand, it IS true that no other government has been voted in contempt of Parliament. Probably the only reason it hasn't happened before is that most minority Parliaments don't get that far before they collapse.

All that said, you are backing into a corner here. I remember a time when conservatives had real beefs with what the Chretien government did. The fact that people are now saying that what is being done is okay because Chretien did it, too, is obscene.