Sunday, December 18, 2011

Redford the Red Nosed Premier

Premier Mum now mulls increasing sin taxes.

How the hell can a Premier who doesn't even have the mandate of the people have already had her caucus consider a sales tax, reintroduce health care tax premiums, implement unconstitutional drinking and driving legislation, and now mulls over an increase in sin taxes?

Alberta already pays some of the highest sin taxes in Canada.   Stelmach raised taxes on booze then rescinded them because they didn't really bring in much.   Now Redford wants them back?  Sorry, just because she bribed the ATA to vote for her, doesn't give her the mandate from all Albertans to just do whatever she wants.  I admit voting for her, but now regret that.  She's been a terrible premier with many broken promises already, and now implementing things she didn't even mention before.

Redford anticipates the criticism but, as with other decisions like the new .05 drinking and driving law, the premier believes she has the backing of the majority of people in this province.

“Albertans are really sensible. They want to be healthy, they want to be safe and they want government to take some leadership and say: ‘You know what, we’re going to make some choices and these choices are going to be conducive to building a safer and a healthier community where we’re able to make sure we have good programs in place and everyone in society can thrive.’
Uh, Premier Mum, taxing people isn't going to change a thing in that regard.  This is a sad attempt at social engineering.  Not only that, but YOU HAVEN'T HEARD FROM ALBERTANS YET.  You never mentioned these things in your leadership run, so for you to say that Albertans back your .05 law and raising sin taxes, YOU ARE WRONG because you haven't contested an election.  Not only that, but nearly everyone I talk to thinks the .05 law that allows police to seize property is a violation of our rights.

It's obvious that this party has no clue anymore.  It spends more on health care than 8 other provinces yet has one of the highest wait times.  It gets billions in oil and gas royalty revenue yet continues to run a deficit.  Adding more money to the government coffers through sin and health care taxes isn't going to solve the mismanagement.  In fact, with more money, it'll likely make it worse.  And we've seen that.

I've never seen a government go against the core belief of liberty, something this province used to have.  Alberta's motto is "Strong and Free".

Not anymore.

40 years is enough.


Anise said...

That bloody woman has to go!

fernstalbert said...

Who voted for this nonsense. She is supposed to lead not follow Mayor Bloomberg of NYC. What's next, ban salt and transfats from fast food menus? lol She wants to be Alberta's finger wagging nanny. What a dud. All flash but nary an original policy position to be found. Where does she get her advice - eat your peas Alberta - they are green and good for you. Merry Christmas

Ardvark said...

It scares the hell out of me that Redford honestly believes that she knows more about how I should live my life than I do and will create even more government to 'help' me out with that task.

No thank you. Nanny Redford has to go.

Anonymous said...

it just goes to show ya, there are no more conservatives left in canada, just different shades of liberal socialists.

Calgary Junkie said...

Like I said before, her campaign manager, and now chief of staff, Stephen Carter believes that: "ideology is out, ideas are in".

The obvious problem I have with this "new politics" gobbledygook, is: how does she decide which ideas are in, and which are out ? It is quickly becoming obvious that Albertans have very little idea of what policies she will advocate next, and her justifications for doing so.

My kind of premier would first come to grips with: what is the proper role of the provincial government ?

And then: articulate a governing philosophy, or set of principles which will guide her in setting policies (i.e., an ideology)
And these policies all have to be done within a balanced budget.

Redford talks a good game, and found a way to game the PCs ridiculous leadership rules. But Danielle is in another league (she reminds me of Harper, circa 2003 to 2005), and will slice and dice Redford when the debates come.

wilson said...

Time to get behind the grassroots movement of Wildrose.
Membership is $10.

Order your lawn sign now!

Wildrose has quality candidates,
getting active in your riding is essential to stopping the Red Team.

Jen said...

Be careful with Alison Redford's use of tactics to test the general public on bills she wants to implement.This is her trick.

She is doing this for two reasons imo:
1, she testes the public then reverse or stops the bill from being implemented-for the time being

2, If she does go along with the public by not implementing the bills and find favours with the public to exceed her position through election for four years, Alison Redford will without a doubt implement all the bills she first tried to bring forth.

Mike B. said...

Jen, good point. She IS testing the public with policy salvos. However, she is already implementing policies with little debate and research (e.g. .05).

I couldn't be more motivated to turf this party if this is the nanny-state language she will continue to use.

Unknown said...

Alison Redford is picking up right where fast Eddie left off. ramming through legislation and policies that the people of Alberta do not want.

Time for this corrupt group to be shown the door for good.

-Joe Albertan

The_Fatman said...

Jesus....H......Christ......maybe Danielle can save us?

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