Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Louis Riel proposal...

But check out this proposal...

Page 24 of Section B:

EDA – Calgary Southeast
Section M – Criminal Justice (NEW)

98. Canadian Citizenship and High Treason
The Conservative Party of Canada believes that any Canadian citizen, whether by birth or by naturalized grant of Canadian citizenship or by claim of landed immigrant or refugee status in Canada who commits treason by taking up arms against the Canadian Forces or the Forces of Canada’s Allies automatically invalidates his or her Canadian citizenship or claim to Canadian citizenship and, if and when returned to the jurisdiction of the Canadian Legal System, should be tried for high treason under the Canadian Criminal Code.

Take THAT Canadian Talibaners!

Oh, and you too Omar Khadr.

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dmorris said...

Gee, I hope they can't make this law retroactive! We might miss the pleasure of Little Omar's company as he trains for a government job.

Immigration Officer Khadr. Yeah,I can see that. Maybe he won't sue us for all the time he spent having his feelings hurt at Gitmo.

Now,if only there exists a Judge in Canada with the balls to actually sentence someone under this law.

Zorpheous said...

Wow, what a spectacularly stupid idea.