Sunday, June 26, 2011

Afghanistan has a way more democratic and representative senate than Canada

Just out of curiosity, I checked to see what kind of senate they setup in war-torn Afghanistan.  Here is how it is constructed, and it's way closer to a triple-e than Canada could ever be.

102 members, or three times the number of existing provinces (currently 34).
The Meshrano Jirga is composed of three different thirds of members:
1. one representative from each of the 34 Provincial Councils, indirectly elected;
2. one representative from each of the 34  local District Councils, indirectly elected;
3. 34 qualified personnalities nominated by the President 
Voting system: Two-round majority vote.
Term of office:
- four years for senators elected by the province councils;
- three years for those elected by the district councils;
- five years for appointed members.
Age of eligibility or nomination: 35 years
Half of the members appointed by the President of the Republic shall be women.
Representation of minorities :
Two members appointed by the President shall be disabled people, and two others shall be nomads (Kuchis).
- a senator position with being a member of the local electoral council;
- a parliamentary with a ministerial position.
First elections: 18 September 2005
First nominations: December 2005

Nota: Due to problems related to the definition of certain boundaries and estimates of population figures, District Council elections were not held in September 2005. The National Assembly, once constituted, will resolve such issues. To fill the 34 seats reserved for members of the District Council, the Meshrano Jirga will include, in addition to its 34 appointed members, two representatives from each Provincial Council, or 68 other members. Half of these (34 members) will occupy the posts in question until District Council elections can be held.

Canada?  The prime minister recommends to the governor in council who he or she should appoint and they serve until 75 years of age.

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