Monday, June 13, 2011

CPC Convention

Now that the CPC Convention in Ottawa is done, let's look at a few of the resolutions and their results and my comments. (You'll have to excuse me for not citing the exact wording.)

  • Kill a pregnant woman and the unborn child and get punished for both?  PASSED.  I read that one of the delegates who spoke said if passed, this is a slippery slope issue related to abortion and a woman's right to choose because now we're saying the fetus is a person.  It's really close isn't it.  I don't know about you, but yes, killing anyone is the worst thing. But killing a pregnant woman?  That's even worse.
  • Two strikes your out?  PASSED.  It just seems too obvious to me that if you commit a heinous crime twice, you're screwed even worse than before.  Where's the fine line?  Well, it was when the first crime was committed.
  • The Omar Khadr law--high treason if you're a Canadain and fight against Canadian or allied soldiers?  DEFEATED.  I preferred naming it the Louis Riel law.  It seems to make sense, but underlying this, to me, is a basic fundamental aspect of personal liberty.  I believe we should be allowed to defend ourselves if the government becomes oppressive.  Not saying that this would happen in Canada, but it certainly happens in many countries... like right now in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisa, Bharain, Angola, ... etc.  Speaking of liberty...

  • Limiting powers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and tribunals?  PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.   Excellent, but why not just scrap the whole thing?  Best argument from my MP, "Edmonton MP Laurie Hawn supported the motion, saying 'we already have hate laws" and the tribunals "punish individuals for expressing legitimate — even if they're controversial — views.'"
  • Youth wing?  DEFEATED.  I already talked about this one and glad about it.

  • Leadership vote riding weight (each riding gets 100 points and up to 400 for more members)?  DEFEATED.  Not a bad idea though.  In looking at the pluses and minuses from both sides (one member one vote vs. equal ridings) we have:
  • If the bulk of the membership are from a particular areas, then candidates would only need to campaign there and not in every region of the country.  I agree.  As well, in a general election, our party leader has to basically visit every region because every riding is equal, so why not in a leadership race?
  • That said, ridings with few members could be easily taken over by a campaign team or by stealth as Belinda Stronach tried to do.
  • However, having the rule that >=400 members = 400 points could give incentive for ridings to sign up more members.  However, we all know that it's the leadership campaigns themselves that sign up the bulk of the members.
Regardless, the system that was originally agreed upon as the last item to bring the Alliance the PCs together remains--with each riding maintaining its 100 points.

And hey, Stephen Harper still won.  Not that his job is in any jeopardy now whatsoever.

So all in all, a pretty harmless convention as far as policy.  I still wished they had a senatorial flogging policy for any of senator who shows signs of insenaty.


Anonymous said...

"Limiting powers" of human rights tribunals? Yeah great idea. Obviously an oversight committee is needed. And maybe an advisory board to oversee the oversight committee. And an annual auditor general report of the advisory board.

"Limiting powers" equals "go eff yourself".

Anonymous said...

I wish our riding had got around to send a few resolutions. I would have liked to have seen a national holiday in February. It would be a Macdonald-Laurier or Macdonald-Cartier Day, none of this generic Family Day which does nothing to celebrate our history.

We now have a hodge-podge of Heritage Day (Yukon), Riel Day (Manitoba), Family Day (Ontario and Alberta) and something else in PEI I think.

Anyway it could be on the same day as Presidents Day which the Americans use to teach their students a few things about their history. And we really need a holiday between New Year's Day and Easter.

Alain said...

This all seems much too watered down in my opinion. The whole CHRC should be scrapped, for there is no justification for it in a free and democratic society. Charge those breaking actual laws, follow the rule of providing evidence and allow them to defend themselves in a real court.

As for treason I believe the law already exists, but the government chooses not to enforce it. Why? That is the question.

I do hope that there were resolutions to cut government spending and to decrease the size of government. I am still more than annoyed over the budget, for which there is no excuse when it is a majority government.