Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Liberals...kickin' themselves when they're down

Wikileaks cables have revealed the tension within the Liberal Party of Canada since Ignatieff was given the reigns to the leadership, particularly from new interim leader Bob Rae, and former insider Rocco Rossi.

Why is this surprising?

I think many of us in the Conservative blogosphere, knew Bob Rae and his minions were behind the scenes in somehow undermining or planning to undermine Michael Ignatieff's leadership, like Iggy did to Stephane Dion.

Bob Rae knew over two years ago that the Liberal Party wasn't going to grow.  Maybe that's why he let Ignatieff take the reigns unchallenged just after the initial coalition agreement and Dion's resulting departure.

It's also more apparent that Bob Rae, although interim leader, will eventually be crowned permanent leader?  Why?  Because it will be ensured no one will run.

I know I've said on my Twitter that we shouldn't be focusing on the Liberals rebuilding.  I'm not though.  I'm focusing on their demise.


Anonymous said...

Michael did bear some responsibility for his actions. Bob Ray is a silly bugger - though entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Yes he does bear some responsibility for his actions...leaping off the dock with Rick Mercer and showing off their lily white arses sure would inspire me to consider Bare Ass Bobbie as a fine person to lead a country...and to think that MSM played that video with great glee...yup sure looks like Prime Minister material to me

max said...

Someway, somehow, Bob Rae will try to unite the left against the CPC juggernaut. Michael "The Speedbag" Ignatieff facilitated a purge of the party; now Commie Bob can finish the job with a Lib-Dip blob.

This is why I think the biggest fight on the hill will be a cold war between Rae and Layton. And even though the Liberals have been gutted like fish, I have to give the advantage to Rae. To use a Leninism, Rae now has a "compact majority" within his caucus while Layton must play circus ringmaster to dingbats, separatists and campus radicals. It should be anything but boring!