Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I merely suggest that reform-balking Conservative senators should be flogged because there's no other recourse for their hypocrisy, and then tonight on Sun News Network, Charles Adler discuss flogging on his show with Peter Moskos, author of "In Defense of Flogging".


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dmorris said...

Viewed the good professor on SunTV. As with so many academics, he "studies" people but doesn't KNOW people.

His idea,essentially,is that minor criminals be caned,Singapore style,then let loose.

It wouldn't work,wouldn't deter one small-time gangsta one little bit,and the reason is the jailhouse macho attitude.

Every two-bit dope dealer, B&E artist,and car thief will gladly take "six of the best" if it means no jail time.

Jail time is down time in their business,and the sooner they can get out,the better. It would become a status symbol to have been flogged numerous times,and the "boys" would not be deterred from their low life ways one iota.

The professor makes the usual mistake of assuming physical violence is as abhorrent to everyone else as it is to genteel HIM. No such luck.

Make the flogging the old British Navy type,where 25 lashes were administered with a cat o' nine tails,and it would have some deterrent effect,but today's Correctional Services mandarins would have heart failure watching the brutality of it all,so it would never be considered.

We'd better just stick to the current rehabilitation regimen,where a mild tongue lashing is the only thing remotely resembling barbaric "corporal punishment".

We ARE a society of pussies.

Cytotoxic said...

It's hilarious that all you con types are so taken by surprise by what you should have seen coming miles away.